Brief Introduction of Outbound Theme Travel China Summit 2019

Over the recent years,with sightseeing expectation upgrading of Chinese consumers,outbound theme tours are gaining traction, more and more mid-class households find themselves interested in this area. In 2017,total of Chinese outbound travel expense hit around 258 billion USD, accounting for 19.2% of global market, China has been the largest country in outbound tour spending for six consecutive years. At the same time, person/time of Chinese outbound tourists has been on the rise, which exceeded 149 million in 2018, a 14.7% year-on-year increase. From the perspective of motivation of outbound tours, sightseeing and shopping –oriented tours have been gradually replaced by destination experiencing ones; the post-1995 generation, as the emerging force, are especially inclined to uniqueness, historical and cultural elements of the tour content and experience, we discovered that, in China, nature exploration tour started to be favored; global study tour is becoming increasingly popular; for the sports tour, whether it is overseas contest sightseeing tour or experience tours like marathon, skiing, riding or recreational vehicles, all of which have witnessed fantastic growth.

In terms of destinations, Asian countries remain in pole position, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and other neighboring counties find themselves as popular choices. Russia, Serbia, Croatia become new players in vogue thanks to China-Europe Tourism Year, 2018 Russian World Cup and other tour facilitation measures. Mexico, Argentina, Georgia turned into personalized and niche destinations. The distance to destination is increasing not the primary consideration for outbound tours, for the Chinese accustomed to internet-based lives, destinations featuring more novelty, topics as well as personalized and interesting tricks get more preferred.

Under this backdrop,how to create more attractive tour products for Chinese market by specialist cooperation and R&D become an issue of common interest to various players in the industry. The Outbound Theme Travel China Conference & Exhibition 2019 is to be held in Shanghai, China, we will draw more than 500 delegates from over 20 countries and regions around the globe, they are from global renowned OTAs, traditional travel agents, destinations, TMC/MICE,theme tour trafficking facilitators (clubs, new medias,training institutions), hotels, airlines,cruise lines, car rental firms,digital marketing, travel technology & service companies, as well as guests from investment circles and etc., covering the entire industrial chain. During the event, we will offer exhibitors and sponsors 1+1 discussion opportunities, provide good opportunities to display brands and conduct cooperation for various firms in the form of a mini-exhibition. Through this event, you can gain deep insight into outbound Chinese theme tour market, acquire relevant polices and latest information, install your company in a pole position ahead of your peers!  

Brief Introduction of Medical Tourism China Summit 2019

With over half a million outbound medical travellers a year spending over USD10 bn on treatment and travel, Health care is one of the first concerns of the wealthy Chinese class. China's medical tourism market is potentially highly lucrative for hospitals, clinics and facilitators in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. Wealth, Age and Lifestyle Diseases are the main reasons behind the booming of the Outbound Medical Tourism in China. By 2024 There will be over 108 mn more urban Chinese aged 40-64 in 2024, and 57 mn more aged 65+, these groups suffer more and more from lifestyle diseases and,wealthy family will seek treatment abroad; This is the biggest new wave in medical tourism ever seen, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for international healthcare providers to build the foundations of their China entry strategy.

Related research indicates the number of outbound medical tourists from China will approach 900,000 by 2020. The majority of medical travel is for relatively minor treatment such as cosmetic surgery, health checks and wellness programs. However by 2020 we are forecasting almost 100,000 patients will travel for serious illness treatment, notably cardiology, oncology and neurology programs, but also fertility treatment, OBGYN, joint replacement, ophthalmology and a wide variety of other procedures.The vast majority of Chinese outbound patients go to Asian destinations, notably Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. Meanwhile, the US, Japan, Germany the UK and Singapore are seen as the pinnacle of quality for treatment of life-threatening diseases such as neurological and cardiovascular diseases and cancer.  However, the market is complex and multifaceted, and it is essential to target carefully selected segments with a cogent value proposition, and to work with appropriate channel partners or marketing partners.

Under this backgroud,Medical Tourism China Summit 2019 will be held on Dec 5th in Shanghai China.This evvent will gather world top hospitals,medical research institute,medical examination centers,heatlh & wellness centers,medical tourism facilitators,travel agencies,insurance companies, as well as healthcare travel promotion council of various countires’ government, internatonal medical toursim associations,marketing and branding agencies,law firms and consulting companies, covering the whole value chain. This event focuses on the global trends on medical tourism and how to explore the golden opportunity in China, it will provide you a platform to expand China market, to learn from successful peers,to seek high quality partnerships. We will also setup a mini show alongside with the summit, as well as a medical toursim destination show to demonstrate yourself. The last but not the least,our expert committee will examine the medical tourism industry in 2019 , select the best companies and individuals, and give away the awards during this event.


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